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  • There are many advantages to adopting a mature dog - toilet training is already done, all the puppy vaccinations have been completed, no more teething issues and the urge to chew up your slippers has subsided.  I could go on.

  • From time to time, we have older puppies or mature dogs  available for rehoming.  Watch this page for updates or enquire below to let us know of your interest in adopting a mature dog.

Find out more about adopting an older dog here:   



Kenzie at 7 months
Kenzie at 7 months.jpg


Kenzie is a 7-month-old pedigreed female available now to a good home.  She has been spayed, is fully vaccinated, house-trained and is currently located in the Auckland area. She is quiet and gets along with people and other animals (including cats). 


  • What is the personality of the Japanese Spitz?
    They are generally loyal, friendly, and playful. They are active, but not hyper. Although they may be reserved with strangers, they should be friendly and not shy.
  • How often do you have to groom them and what is involved?
    Japanese Spitz normally have very low maintenance coats - a weekly brushing is usually all that is involved. Bathing is not necessary, as the dog's coat naturally sheds dirt and mud. Unneutered females will shed their undercoat twice a year, extra brushing is all that's required. Neutered females and males shed their undercoat less often.
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