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ToaToa is a small boutique showing and breeding kennel specializing in producing quality Japanese Spitz with exceptional temperaments.  We are located in the beautiful beach-side town of Orewa, on the North Island of New Zealand, just 30 minutes north of Auckland.

If you've been to a lot of websites about Japanese Spitz, we hope you will notice something different about ours:  We have our share of Show Wins, but we don't spend a lot of time bragging about our wins in the Show ring.   That's because 99% of our clients are looking for a pet, not a show dog. And we appreciate that.  Unfortunately, some winning show dogs have very poor temperaments.


That's why we breed for temperament first, and we tell you about our dogs' personalities. Yes, we also breed for soundness, type, coat and movement - all the things that make up a quality Japanese Spitz.  

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We do have pet, show and breeding quality puppies available from time to time. Please enquire on our "Enquiries" page if that's what you are looking for.

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Find out more about adopting our puppies here:   


This loving dog has a fluffy white easy-care coat, is easily trained, is loyal, and has an adorable smile.  They are loyal friends and are gentle and affectionate with children and families.


Playful and trusting from the start, the Japanese Spitz is highly flexible and will flourish in almost any environment, from small flats to expansive estates.


These cheerful dogs are happy to go along with walks, naps and car rides making them a welcome addition to any household.

Smart, Goodlooking and Emotionally Stable...

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We are not a backyard breeder or a large kennel operation.  With only a few litters a year, our puppies are lovingly raised in our home and handled from an early age.  They are well-socialized and regularly exposed to  people, noises and other animals. 


When you adopt one of our puppies we provide a lot of support to help you get off to the right start with your puppy.  And we offer ongoing support to all puppy buyers to make sure things go smoothly as your puppy grows up.

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"Mary's transparency made the buying process stress-free. It was also clear that she raises her dogs and litters in excellent conditions and puts their well-being first which was important to us.


We bought our first pup Sam, and returned 6 months later for our second, Bebe. Mary was also great in maintaining contact with us so we could ask questions we had.  A+++"

Tim R. ~ Birkdale

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"You made the whole process so easy, with advice and the occasional phone call, as well as the lovely puppy package that you give to all your puppies' new owners. We couldn't have asked for more!


We've had Georgia for 2 years now and we can totally say she is such a joy to us. To those looking for a Japanese Spitz puppy, we would thoroughly recommend Mary Stuart and ToaToa Kennels, you won't be disappointed. We just love Georgia to pieces.

Bruce and Marsha G. - Auckland

  • What is the personality of the Japanese Spitz?
    They are generally loyal, friendly, and playful. They are active, but not hyper. Although they may be reserved with strangers, they should be friendly and not shy.
  • How often do you have to groom them and what is involved?
    Japanese Spitz normally have very low maintenance coats - a weekly brushing is usually all that is involved. Bathing is not necessary, as the dog's coat naturally sheds dirt and mud. Unneutered females will shed their undercoat twice a year, extra brushing is all that's required. Neutered females and males shed their undercoat less often.
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